June Training Day!

Flyin WireJumpin’ Jehosephat!
The RMC June Training Day is this coming weekend!

Here’s what we’re planning. Like we did in May, we’ll have concurrent stations for both NA and UT dogs. And if you’re testing in August – we really want to see you.

NA dogs will be run through the three testing scenarios: Field, Track and Water.

Our NA focus will be on coaching handlers on how to really handle your dog- learning to attain and maintain dominance over young pups, develop more consistent recall, and discourage long chases and delayed chases in the field.  Your dogs should be pointing consistently by now, but if not, we will address those issues as well.

Performance on tracks for NA dogs is something we will emphasize.  Our chapter members that have been present and actively engaged at this spring’s training days did very well in our Spring Test, with strong release techniques on dogs that had obviously been exposed to tracks.

Some pups lost points during the Spring Test because they did not enthusiastically enter the water, so that’s another focus. At the water, we’ll need help getting the handlers and dogs comfortable with swimming – If you can bring waders or swimming gear, that would be great.

NA handlers, plan on buying at least two chukar – three if you think your dog needs more work. We’ll supply the pheasants.

For our UT handlers – especially those that are on the block in August – we’ll focus this month on building fundamentals of duck search. You’ll need to buy at least 1 duck for duck search. (Get more ducks and chukar, of course, if you want to stay and train on your own in the afternoon, but remember, it may be hot.)

With the number of folks coming to training days – and the number of our volunteers who are in the August test – Saturday will again challenge our ability to deliver a productive, activity-filled training day for all.

That’s why we need you to RSVP as soon as possible to rmc.navhda@gmail.com. Let us know what you’re training for, whether your dogs needs special attention in a particular area, and whether you can help us run your training group.

PLAN ON IT BEING HOT – So bring plenty of water, sunscreen and bug spray. And be at Cobb Lake SWA early – 7:30 at the latest. We want to get going with both groups as soon as possible.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

A special thanks to our test volunteers

This weekend, you were flawless. One of the judges, Craig McLaughlin, called me while I was driving home Sunday and said this was not only the smoothest test he’s ever seen this Chapter run, it was one of the smoothest tests he’d ever participated in. He was very, very impressed, as were the other judges.


Super-volunteer Rick Huber of Cheyenne advises Distraction-Gunner- In-Training Trace Krueger of New Mexico as Derek Thompson and his wirehair Aspen wait to start their field run.

Two and a half years ago, I found myself somehow being the Test Marshal just before one of our tests. I was not prepared….a mental wreck. We cobbled together a handful of volunteers with no idea of how we were going to pull it all off. We did, barely.

This weekend, we had more volunteers than handlers. Going in I knew there was no question we were going to nail this thing. I know some of you must have felt under-deployed while you were out there and I want to make sure you know how valuable your participation was. With everyone there, it didn’t feel like volunteers hustling to put on an event. It felt like the chapter turned out to welcome handlers to a special day. To a person, the handlers and the judges were wowed. Given the turnover the chapter has endured over the past few years, it was enormously gratifying for many of us to see.

The health of any organization depends on the next generation.
This Chapter is very lucky to have you as members.

Your fan

Theo Stein, President


COBB LAKE SWA – Nineteen handlers enjoyed ideal spring conditions and great cover May 21-22 during the Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Spring Test.  Scores are below.

The Chapter wants to thank the handlers who presented their dogs for evaluation as well as judges, Senior Judge Mark Krueger, Craig McLaughlin, Scott Wilkey and apprentice Cliff Fleming.

JUDGES: Mark Krueger (Sr.), Craig McLaughlin, Scott Wilkey. Cliff Fleming, apprentice
Saturday, May 21
Test Scores Call Name Registered Name Breed Sex Handler
  Points Prize
NA 98 Pz III Elsa Outlander’s Noble Reflection GS F Sara Heesacker
NA 86 Pz III Ranger Stellar Vista Fall Color Aux Lake GR M Robert Roden
NA 102 Pz II Ginger Jackson Creek’s Whiskey Girl PP F Dale Parker
NA 112 Pz I Mya MW’s Blackberry Smoke GW F Scott Baysinger
NA 112 Pz I Frankie Deutsch Dually’s Feisty Francesca GW F John Wiebener
NA 96 Pz III Ayla Indian Brook Prairie Wind’s Ayla GS F John Hatch
NA 104 Pz I Draker Jackson Creek’s Braveheart PP M Kevin Boswell
NA 110 Pz I Moxy TKO Running with Moxie GS F Chris Wagner
NA 112 Pz I Pepper Greenhorn Mountain Spicy Pepper GR F Oliver Towns
Sunday, May 22
Test Scores Call Name Registered Name Breed Sex Handler
Points Prize
UT 199 Pz I Shane Lakewood’s Courageous Shane SM M Keith Seebart
UPT 118 NP Greta Oxbow’s Fertabulous PP F Jeff Buckwalter
NA 108 Pz I Tallie Indian Brook Talledega vom Mack GS F Tom Swezy
NA 95 Pz II Rosie Menhaglan’s Adelita Rose VS F Kate Castleman
NA 108 Pz I Biff Buford’s Mad Dog Tannen GS M Reid Johnston
NA 99 Pz II DD Dark Star’s Dirty Diana GW F Brian Knudsen
NA 106 Pz I Stella High Country Stella PP F Holly Binnian
NA 112 Pz I Aspen Aspen GW F Derek Thompson

Aspen, a female German Wirehair, can’t wait to hit the field portion of the NA test. Handled by Derek Thompson, Aspen received top scores: 112 Prize I.



MW’s Blackberry Smoke rewarded all the training owner Scott Baysinger did with her by bringing home a 112 Prize 1 in the NA test.


TKO Running with Moxy splashed her way to a 112 Prize I for handler Chris Wagner.


Holly Binnian handled High Country Stella to a 106 Prize I.


May Training Day –

We’ve been delighted by the turnout at our first two training days, but it has challenged us IMG_2287to make sure each handler and dog have productive days. With that in mind, Craig has planned a full schedule of training stations for NA and for UT with an eye toward maximum activity and minimum standing around. But for everything to run smoothly, we need handlers to be familiar with the plan, to know where they need to be and to be ready to pitch in when needed.

AS ALWAYS, PLEASE RSVP TO rmc.navhda@gmail.com WITH YOUR BIRD ORDER AND YOUR TRAINING LEVEL, NA OR UT – BY MAY 4.  Make sure you pack a lunch and sufficient water for you and your dog if you plan to work into the afternoon.We will need a few handlers to help us keep things moving.

Utility Dogs
For Utility Dogs, time to get serious. we’ll be running four stations during the morning session.

  1. Training Table (set up in the parking lot)
    • Dogs at the start of the Utility training regime will begin on the training table for a review of obedience, including whoa, heeling,; steadiness in the presence of a bird and discussion (only) of force fetch process. Multiple reps per dog, emphasizing incremental approach to training each aspect. Handlers will then move to the back field for work on planted birds.
  2.  Field
    • More advanced dogs will go directly to the field for work on search & range control/handling; steadiness; pointing/creeping; delayed chase; stop-to-shot; retrieve to hand; handling multiple birds; handling running birds. Plan on ordering 3 birds for the morning, more if you want to continue in the afternoon. Orange must be worn in the field during any exercise involving shooting. Break-action shotguns only.
  3. Drag
    • Introduction to the drag, with an emphasis on successful track and successful retrieve.
  4. Remain by blind/Steady by blind.
    • Drill one: line up all dogs-handler pairs, have dogs sit at heel, and then start short marked retrieves with each dog going in turn while the rest honor.
    • Drill two: Begin training remain by blind, then steady by blind, Note – we will emphasize an incremental approach for this test element: these can be trained at home/other locations on hard ground; adding gunfire and water entry after dog has mastered the obedience required.Remain by blind and steady by blind – Tests obedience and cooperation.
  5. Duck work –  Introduction to ducks for UT dogs will occur after lunch on Cobb Lake. More advanced duck search practice will happen after lunch on the 2nd pond. Duck work will be supported, but plan to find a training partner during the morning session.

Natural Ability Dogs
This weekend we will run 3 stations for Natural Ability dogs, in preparation for the spring test.

  • FieldWe will be planting birds in the field to simulate the field portion of your NA test. This session will expose your dogs to birds and allow handlers to work on your dog’s search and range and observe your dog’s exposure to gunfire ( a blank shotgun round). NA Handlers, plan to purchase at least 2 chukar each to evaluate your dog’s point (more if you plan to work into the afternoon).  Remember, the ability to recall your dog on command is important.
  • Track – We will be laying down more challenging tracks with pheasants that the chapter will provide.
  • Puppy Water – finally: We’ll help you introduce your puppy to water.
  • Training table: After the UT group is finished with the training table, NA handlers are encouraged to use it on their own for heeling, whoa training,& steadiness in the presence of birds.

Handlers of NA dogs are requested to plan to stay for the entire morning, to help staff the stations and assist in running other members’ dogs.  This help will allow us to efficiently move a large number of dogs through the NA testing environment. New members, and those needing experience in handling their dogs, working with birds, and general help in understanding NAVHDA testing and training, will benefit greatly by volunteering to help with their fellow members’ dogs.

Help needed: Bird field: 3 bird planters, 1 field marshall to oversee training runs; water: 2 volunteers, including 1 with pickup dog; track: 2 bird stewards to supply pheasants and assist with running tracks.
Please RSVP to rmc.navhda@gmail.com by__Weds. May 4_ to reserve birds. Indicate the number of chukar and or ducks you’d like us to purchase.


Spring Test volunteers needed!

The weather is warming and training/testing season is in full swing.  I hope your spring has IMG_1252been productive and fulfilling!

Our Spring Test is scheduled for Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd.  At this point, the test has a full slate of dogs running with 10 Natural Ability scheduled for Saturday and 6 Natural Ability along with 2 Utility/Utility Prep on Sunday.

As you all know, our organization runs solely on volunteers from within our membership.  Visiting judges have given us high marks for our past tests because of how generous our membership has been with their time.  Our goal is to put together the best possible experience for handlers and spectators.

And for that we need your help.

If you are able to volunteer for one or both days, please reply to this email and indicate which day and role you would like to fill so that we can contact you.  This is an excellent opportunity for newer members to see some great dog work and learn about what to do/not do as a handler.

Also, please do not worry if you have never volunteered before.  Experienced members will IMG_1315be there to help guide and support you in your volunteer role.  We are really excited to see the chapter continue to grow and we hope that everyone gets and stays involved in our chapter.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to shoot me an email as well.

Respectfully yours,
Danny Sprague
Vice President\