Clyde Vetter professional training clinic June 23 & 24

The board of RMC is excited to host a very special training clinic June 23 & 24 with Clyde Vetter, one of the country’s most highly respected NAVHDA trainers. Clyde and his wife Marilyn own Sharp Shooter’s Kennel. They’re very active in NAVHDA: Both are Senior judges, Invitational judges…Clyde has passed 28 Invitational dogs and handled hundreds of other dogs to a Prize I in NAVHDA tests. Nuff said.

This will be an interactive clinic. Clyde covers all aspects of training from puppy to Invitational skills, but most of the agenda is oriented to advanced handling skills, especially force fetch, obedience & cooperation, and advanced handling.

Clyde likes to work with a variety of dogs at different training levels to demonstrate different training techniques, so don’t be surprised if he asks to borrow your hunting buddy for a demonstration.

Preference for signup will be given to NAVHDA International members. Early signup was offered to RMC members – we have about 14 slots left.  The cost is $200 for RMC members, $250 for non-members. Send checks to our treasurer Scott Waggy at 11469 King Way, Westminster CO 80031.

This is a two-day clinic – plan to spend a very full, very productive weekend learning handling skills from one of the country’s best!