Training Day Refresher

 IMG_2287As we kick off our training year, we wanted to remind folks of a few rules regarding participation and our use of Cobb Lake. If you haven’t been there, Cobb Lake is an incredible resource for the chapter. It’s the only state property to allow training year-round. Please read to re-familiarize yourself with these rules and expectations.

Chapter Rules
They’re pretty simple.

  • Membership: Our chapter is a volunteer organization and we rely on membership dues to pay for permits, birds, etc. For insurance purposes, training day participants must be active members. Chapter members are asked to renew membership before participating Saturday. If you don’t renew by March 31, you’ll be dropped from the roster. The only exception is first-time participants- they can check out one training day before they join.
  • Break-action shotguns are the only type allowed in the field during training. Actions should be open unless preparing to shoot. No pumps or semi-autos.
  • Hunter orange must be worn by all participants in the field when shooting is anticipated.
  • Training days are usually well-attended. For the sake of other handlers, please control your dog at all times and be ready when your turn at a skills station comes up. When not actively training, your dog should be leashed, staked out or crated.

CPW Regulations
Our group permit from Colorado Parks and Wildlife comes with some rules of its own.

  • Parking: On training day, please be sure to park in the north parking lot – we are restricted to occupying this single parking lot to allow other dog trainers and property users access to the grounds.
  • Control your dog: SWA rules require that dogs be leashed unless actively training for hunting. Actively training means a controlled exercise for a specific purpose. Teaching your dog to stay within range off-leash is a training exercise. Letting your dog run without controlling it is not.
  • Garbage: Please police the area around your vehicle to make sure no litter accumulates. It gets windy there. CPW does not provide a garbage bin.
  • Hunting license: A valid small game license is required for all designated gunners participating in dog training activities. Small game licenses for 2016 go on sale on March 11.
    *Shot birds: Handlers must ensure no dead birds are left on the property. All shot birds are expected to be prepared for human consumption.

Other stuff you should know:

  • Fences are barbed wire, including the fence around the parking lot.
  • In warmer months, there may be rattlesnakes on the property.
  • Bring more than enough water for you and your dog.
  • Ticks are common in the spring. At least one case of Lyme disease in dogs has been reported along the Front Range. Make sure your dog is properly protected.

Please observe these rules and expectations – out of respect for your fellow handlers and CPW – and let’s have a great year training.